Far Rockaway Bus Depot

MTA Bus Company
Contract #: C-40252

Far Rockaway Bus Depot Rehabilitation, in the Borough of Queens

Scope of Work
This project included the replacement and relocation of interior offices, support spaces, and exterior walls damaged by Super Storm Sandy at the Far Rockaway Bus Depot. The work involved general construction, masonry, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, carpentry, finishes fire protection systems and communications work required for the construction of one-story transportation & maintenance offices, rest rooms, locker rooms, and swing rooms. Demolition and installation of most of the facility’s concrete floor slab, replacement of exterior window system with new storefront designs. Installation of a flood mitigating sheet piles and the resurfacing of the parking lot for buses off-shift parking.

Award Letter was issued on August 05, 2016
Construction end Date August 04, 2018.
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